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Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 21. KeithA few days later, Sunil drove home to get Ram and bring him back. Since it
was a 3 day weekend, there wasn't enough time for him to take the bus.
After Sunil left, I sat down at my desk and started working on a paper I had
for a class. Keith knocked on my door and came in. He asked if we could
hang out for a while. I told him how much I enjoyed being with him. vicky cp lolita pussy I
loved his dirty blond pubes and armpit hair. He was wearing a tank top
which gave me access to his pits. I had him lift up his arms and I played
with his pits for a while, and licked them. He took off his shirt and let
me suck his nipples, while I rubbed his hard cock through his pants. I took
off my shirt and he lay on top of me, sucking my tits and grinding his
crotch into mine. I let him pull down my sweats and briefs, and it wasn't
long before he was sucking my cock. I was moaning and didn't last long. I
shot my load in his mouth. He swallowed my cum, and he lay beside me and
kissed me, sharing my cum with me. I undid his pants and pulled them
down. His seven inch cock sprung up, and I sucked him long and slow as I
pulled on his balls. He told me he wasn't going to last long, and I started
sucking him faster. I don't think he showered that day, because his crotch
had a strong musky scent. I breathed in deeply as my nose was buried in his
pubes. I felt his cock throb, and i pulled back on it so I'd catch all his
cum in my mouth. I swallowed it, and pulled him on top of me and kissed
passionately. He lay on top of me, cock to cock, and slowly ground his cock
into mine. He was still hard. I asked if he wanted to fuck me, and he said
"Oh yeah!" I hocked up some spit in my hand and reached down and lubed his
cock with it. I pulled my legs up, exposing my hole, and he slowly slid his
cock deep into me. He slowly slid in and out of me, and I wrapped my legs
around him. He whispered, telling me how nude teen lolita russian much he loved fucking me. I told
him how good it felt to have his cock inside me. I started clenching my ass
around his cock. He thrust harder into me. He played with my tits as he
thrust harder and harder into me. His skin was glistening with sweat, and I
felt him shooting his load in my ass as he thrust hard. When he was done,
he lay down beside me. I licked his hairy sweaty crotch as he relaxed
beside me. My cock was hard and I hadn't shot my second load, so I had him
turn over and I licked his hole. I reached behind me and took his cum which
was dripping out young lolita girls nonude of my ass and lubed my cock with it. I slid my small cock
into his ass, and he purred like a kitten. I fucked him hard as he pushed
back onto my cock with each thrust. It didn't young lolita girls nonude take me long to unload my cum
inside him.As we lay in bed, he told me how much he loved having sex with me. I told
him I loved him fucking me. He blushed. We got up and showered. I told
him he could come by whenever he was horny. I told him Sunil wouldn't be
back until tomorrow,and if he wanted to spend the night with me, I'd enjoy
the company. He stayed the night and we made love again.The next morning, Sunil and Ram came back, and I was glad I had aired out
the room and changed the sheets. When they walked in, Ram put his arms
around me and hugged me. As he did, he slid his hand down the back of my
sweats and slid his middle finger up my ass. Sunil laughed and said Ram
missed me. I squeezed his cock through his jeans and said I missed him
too. Ram had managed to slide my sweats off me and was fingering me
deeply. Sunil said Ram would like to fuck you now, if you are up to it. I
lay on the bed as Ram stripped down and got on top of me. Sunil sucked his
cock and got it slippery, while I pulled my legs up, for Ram. Ram was a
good name for him because he rammed his cock deep inside me. I was seeing
stars, but as the pain subsided, waves of pleasure rolled over me Sunil took
off his clothes and straddled my face. I sucked his balls and licked from
his balls to his ass. He stroked his cock as I worked his ass with my
tongue. He fed me his cock as Ram fucked me harder and faster. Ram grabbed
my cock and stroked me hard as he fucked me. I started to shoot my load
like a fountain, and a second later, I felt ram unloading in my ass as Sunil
shot his cum down my throat. We were too sweaty to go to lunch, so we
showered and dressed and went to the lunch room.We sat by ourselves, and our friends waved at us from another table. When
they saw Ram, they understood why we were by ourselves. Keith, being new to
everything, just came over and sat down with us. We introduced him to Ram,
and the two of them really hit it off. Keith was sitting across from me,
wearing baggy shorts. I took off my sandal, and started rubbing his inner
thigh with my bare foot. Keith tried to maintain his composure and acted
like nothing was going on under the table. I had my food up lolita art pics model his shorts leg,
but Sunil gave me a stern look so I stopped. A few minutes later, I
started again, but this time my bare foot found his loose ball sac in his
shorts. I kept rubbing them, and I felt that Keith was getting very hard.
He had to sit there until his erection subsided. Ram saw the whole thing
and was laughing hysterically. He whispered something in Keith's ear, and
the two of them got up and left. He said he was going to play video games
with Keith.The two of them went up to Keith's room. Keith liked Ram's tight dark hairy
body, and Ram liked Keith's slightly pudgy body and his dirty blond pubes.
They lay side by side on Keith's bed in a 69 position, Ram asked Keith if he
liked fucking, and he told them that he had only done it with me and Sunil,
but he really liked it. Ram said he had done it with us too, and since
they both did it with us, they should fuck each other too. Ram was an alpha
male like his brother. He had to control everything. He got some lube from
Keith, and lubed up Keith's cock well. Then he stood over Keith and squatted
down, lowering himself onto Keith's hard seven inch cock. Keith shook with
pleasure as his cock disappeared into Ram's hairy ass. He said this was a
way to fuck his brother had just taught him. He moved up and down and back
and forth on Keith's cock as Keith slowly stroked Ram's nine inch cock.
They stroked and moaned in unison, Keith's cock started to throb, and he
started thrusting harder into Ram's ass. Ram squeezed his ass tightly as
Keith filled his ass with a huge hot load. Ram got off of Keith and
pulled his leg up on his chest. He reached around to his ass and scooped up
a large amount of cum and lubed his cock with it. very little lolita gallery He slid his cum covered
cock into Keith and fucked him hard and fast. Each thrust rode his cock
over Keith's prostate, and Keith's ass contracted hard around Ram's cock,
causing them to cum at the same time. Ram licked Keith's cum off his chest
and kissed him, feeding him back his own cum. I knocked on the door and told
them to come to our room when they were done.A few minutes later they came to our room, and it was obvious they were
blushing. I asked if they were getting acquainted, and they really turned
red. Sunil and I laughed. We noticed that Ram and Keith started to stink,
like the smell of after sex gone rancid. We demanded they shower, and we
marched them into the shower room and we all showered, with Sunil and I
supervising and helping to scrub them down. After we were all clean and
dressed, we went to the cafeteria for some dinner.After dinner, we came back to our room, and I noticed that Sunil and Ram
were talking in Hindi, leaving Keith and I out of it. Sunil had me lie down
on the bed; he took off my shirt, and started sucking my nipples, getting
them hard. Ram had taken his shirt off, and slid his hands up Keith's
shirt, which Keith took off, and let Ram suck his tits. Ram had a very
sensuous way about him and he manged to get Keith's pants and boxers off,
and was fingering his ass as he sucked his nipples. Keith stood there in
extacy with his cock oozing precum. Ram slipped out of his pants and briefs
and guided Keith to the bed, next to me. By this time, Sunil had my pants
and underwear off as well as his own. The sight of these tiny teenies lolita nude
two hot hairy
brothers looming over us was intoxicating. I held Keith's hand loli image board forums
as we lay
there about to be fucked by Sunil and Ram. Keith and I tongue kissed
eachtoher as Sunil and Ram licked and fingered our holes. They pulled out
legs up at the same time, and slid their big hairy cocks into us. Keith and
I moaned as our dark skinned lovers fucked us with long slow strokes. They
leaned over and tongue kissed eachother as they fucked us in a slow rythem.
Keith and I were moaning. Just as they were getting close, they pulled out
of best nude lolita gallery us and switched places. Ram slid his nine inch cock all the way into me,
while Sunil fucked Keith. As they shot their big loads into us, Keith and
I shot our loads onto our chests. Ram lay on top of me and kissed me while
Sunil ate his cum out of Keith's ass, then tongue kissed him. Ram kept his
cock in me until he went soft, then he ate his cum out of me and kissed me,
feeding it back to me. When we were done, we went for a quick shower, and
hung out in the game room with some other guys from our floor. The sex was
great, but we were exhausted.
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